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 If you’re a stockholder in a company that merged or was acquired, you may be entitled to collect spin-off shares, cash distributions or dividends from the restructuring, even if shares were sold long ago. Former owners of AT&T, for example, may be eligible to receive shares in nearly a dozen other companies.

Perhaps the largest source of unclaimed stock over the last several years has resulted from the recent demutualizations of major life insurance companies, including Metropolitan Life (MetLife), Prudential, John Hancock and others. Demutualization is the process of converting a mutual life insurance company, which is owned by its policyholders, into a publicly traded stock company owned by shareholder.

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It is the responsibility of beneficiaries to notify the life insurance company when a policy owner dies. One-in-four life insurance policies go unpaid on death of the insured, because family members aren’t aware a policy exists, or don’t know which company issued it. As a result, life insurers are holding billions of dollars in unpaid benefits. 

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