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Tax sales & foreclosures

If your house has been sold because of tax sales or foreclosure

Child Support

The Federal Child Support Enforcement Program, a partnership between CSE and child support offices

IRS Tax Refund Search

Undeliverable income tax refunds, tax rebates and tax credit checks are but one small component

Social Security Death Benefits

Heirs of decedents who have left behind unclaimed assets and unclaimed

Find Unclaimed HUD Refund

You are entitled to a HUD refund if you had a mortgage insured by HUD

Veterans Benefit Search

Veterans benefits due military personnel frequently go unclaimed

Lost Bank Savings Account

Find a Lost Bank Savings Account, Unclaimed Checking Account

US Postal Money Order Refunds

Hundreds of millions of dollars in money orders are never cashed.

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we are dedicated to providing excellent service to help clients obtain lost benefits and lost inheritance money.


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